Our systems were designed to provide a high degree of transparency to our customers, allowing them to view all transactions pertaining their inventory via web portals. We keep our customers informed informed of all important events through email notifications, file transfers and specialized API-based interfaces. 


We use leading ERP and WMS systems which allow us to optimize forward logistics, reverse logistics and supply chain management processes. Our systems track all inventory under our management via their serial numbers (ESN/MEID/IMEI), allowing us to have the transaction history of every device at our fingertips.


We tailor our workflows based on our customers' business requirements. We offer a complete set of solutions which include B2B and B2C web portals, eCommerce, EDI document exchanges, hosted ERP and Accounting systems, and integrations based on automated FTP file transfers or APIs. Our systems are flexible, allowing customizations to be implemented rapidly so that we can go from requirements analysis to production mode in a very short timeframe.


We have an industry-leading Information Technology team who is also very knowledgeable about the mobile and MVNO business. Our team has implemented systems for dozens of MVNOs as well as other industries. Our team's experience, combined with our capability to listen and understand our customers' requirements allow us to provide them with a set of tools that allow them to manage and grow their business.


Our systems are designed with security in mind. We take extra precautions to protect our customer's data and any critical information stored with us. Our systems have a high degree of redundancy and are monitored 24/7. 


Our team is constantly seeking to make available the latest technology and solutions to our customers.